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The Ultimate Customer Acquisition Workflow

The Ultimate Customer Acquisition Workflow

Today, we’ll be talking about the ultimate customer acquisition workflow for Startups. 🚀

1. The Global Startup Growth Funnel

Before going through the details of each part of the global Startup growth funnel, it’s very important to understand, first, the global SaaS growth funnel itself. 

Let’s see all the stages of your buyer from being a Stranger who doesn’t know anything about your solution to becoming a Customer 👇

It’s so clear, your buyer will start with the Awareness stage where he will become aware of the problem he has, then by visiting your website he will become a MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) which means he is now ready to get into your Marketing Funnel to become a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) who is ready to get into your Sales Funnel and ending by becoming a customer 🎉

Now let’s get to more serious things, by understanding the global SaaS funnel, we should be able to create your Ultimate Customer Acquisition Workflow 🚀

2. The Ultimate Customer Acquisition Workflow 🚀

Your Customer Acquisition Workflow should have 3-parts as described in the global SaaS funnel, right?

  • Traffic Acquisition
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Sales Funnel

Well, I prepared for you today a schema that explains the whole customer acquisition workflow 👇