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About Me

Learn more about my background, my mission, my vision, and my values.

Data-driven Entrepreneur and Engineer, specialized in building unique and personalized marketing & sales funnels that convert website visitors into leads and customers.

A digital systems engineer with a multifaceted skill set, applying his knowledge and experience in creating innovative solutions for the world’s needs. Yassir initiated his career with an entrepreneurial experience founding a Growth Marketing Agency specialized in the Tech and E-commerce Industries that helped multiple startups to accelerate their growth since 2017. He also bootstrapped an E-commerce business, a SEO Analytics Software Company, and a Business Management Software Company, in the past 5-years.

Yassir’s experience allowed him to acquire skills in Frontend Development, Backend Development, Blockchain Development, Data Science, Business Analytics, Funnel Development, Marketing Automation, Media Buying, Graphic & Web Design, UX Design, and Business Development.

My vision is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible, around the world, to get the most out of their investments.




Every strategic decision made is based on data analysis and interpretation.

Automation Fan

In the era of digital transformation, automations are used to streamline efforts and make them more effective.


Implying openness, communication, and accountability.

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