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Innovating the future through investments in transformative technology. Guiding startups to reshape Industry 4.0 landscapes.


Empower startups, foster innovation, and navigate pioneering technology, driving progress in AI, RPA, Web3, and Cybersecurity.


My journey spans diverse realms - a digital engineer driven by innovation. My roots in Digital Systems Engineering, Innovation, and Research laid the foundation for expertise across a spectrum of transformative technologies. From the inception of my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance web designer and developer at the age of 16, I've delved into various domains, continuously evolving and adapting.

The pivotal shift arrived during the inception of Brickken - a revolutionary platform championing equity tokenization. This milestone galvanized my journey towards venture capital, prompting the establishment of Blokrypt Ventures. The mission: to redefine the VC landscape, spotlighting startups catalyzing change within Industry 4.0. My expertise spans the spectrum, from RPA and AI to Web3 and Cybersecurity.

As a Solo-GP, my focus aligns with nurturing early-stage startups, fostering innovation, and driving transformative technologies' acceptance in mainstream markets. The ethos lies in steering startups towards success in reshaping and advancing tomorrow's technology landscapes. Guiding Brickken's operations, while spearheading Blokrypt Ventures, embodies a dual commitment to entrepreneurship and the venture capital frontier.

This journey isn't just about navigating the realms of technology and investment; it's about shaping the future through innovation. Every step, every investment, and every collaboration fuels the vision of a future shaped by revolutionary technological advancements. It's a journey to redefine the essence of venture capital in the ever-evolving Industry 4.0 landscape.

My Latest Book Release

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    • Publication date ‏:
      August 18th, 2023
    • Format:
      PDF file (E-book)
    • Length:
      218 pages
Robotic Proccess Automation (RPA)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Blockchain & Web3
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