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Blockchain & Crypto Marketing

Boost your ICO/IDO/IEO/STO by creating systems that
attract investors 24/7 using evergreen automation methods.

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During the Research & Development phase, I create the Marketing Strategy for the ICO/IDO/IEO/STO, and I design and develop the funnels that convert automatically the cold website visitors into community members and Token Buyers.


During the Acceleration phase, the goal is to accelerate on the Social Proof Building, by focusing on Content Development, PR campaigns, and Airdrop campaigns.


During the Growth phase, the goal is to make Token Sales, by managing:
Influencers campaigns
Social Advertising campaigns
Banners Placements
Native Advertising campaigns 
Push Advertising campaigns

Fast & Easy Onboarding

Time is Money. Trigger your “Project Start” fast and easily to get your Marketing System working ASAP, generating Token Buyers for your ICO/IDO/IEO/STO.

Agile Project Management

I apply Scrum Methodology with all my clients, allowing them to track the project progress, and adapt the project path continuously to reach the best results from the project.

Performance-Based Project

– Transparent
– Measurable
– Lower-Risk
– Better Insights

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My Skills

Customer Development

Develop the Customer Personas and their associated Customer Journeys.

Funnel Development

Develop the funnel that converts website visitors into leads and customers.

Funnel Simulation

Evaluate and Predict, mathematically, the performance of the funnel based on pre-defined hypothesis.

Website / CMS Development

Website creation/optimization and CMS configuration:
- WordPress
- Shopify
- Ecwid
- Woocommerce

CRM Architecture & Configuration

Setup the architecture of the CRM and its configuration:
- Hubspot
- Active Campaign

Community Building & Management

Build and manage communities in:
- Discord
- Telegram
- Reddit
- Popular Social Media

Inbound Marketing

Design and build the Organic Strategy:
- Content Strategy
- Lead Magnets

Media Buying

Create and manage advertising campaigns:
- Social Media Advertising
- Native Advertising
- PR
- Influencer Marketing

Marketing Automation

Create Automated Workflows to qualify the website visitors and convert them into leads and customers:
- Data Extensions Architecture
- Email Automations
- Chatbot Automation


Create content that ultimately aims to persuade potential leads to take a particular action and move forward through the funnel.

Tracking & Analytics

Create a Tracking System to monitor the activity of website visitors and provide in-depth analytics and insights of how marketing efforts are performing.

Front-end Development

- Vue.js
- React.js
- Angular.js

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